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Out-of-Area Clients

Out-of-Area Clients

            * Modern communication technologies make it convenient for us to serve out-of-state and long-distance clients with their California probate issues. We have served clients in far-off places such as Connecticut, Maryland, Saskatchewan, Oregon, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

* We routinely send letters and documents to our clients by e-mail. When client signatures are needed, clients print the documents, sign them, and then return them by e-mail or fax. When original signed documents are needed, clients are able to print e-mailed documents and return by U.S. Mail. Only in very rare situations do our clients need to attend court hearings, and this can be done by phone.

* Due to our location in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are especially familiar with the Probate Courts of Northern California. With the help of the technologies mentioned above, however, we can assist with probate and probate-related cases in all California counties. We have recent experience in the probate courts of the following counties:


* Alameda
* Contra Costa
* Los Angeles
* San Diego
* Orange
* Santa Clara
* Sacramento
* San Francisco
* San Mateo
* San Joaquin
* Stanislaus
* Sonoma
* Solano
* Marin
* El Dorado
* Sutter
* Shasta
* Santa Cruz

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